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Business Consulting Sector is the leading sector of South Pacifique Pty Ltd. Since founded, we have placed huge emphasis on the consulting services, in particular, the investment projects. We have a predominant advantage in the field of business planning and management consulting. South Pacifique has employed full-time, part-time and contractual workers, including university lecturers, industry experts, accountants, lawyers, business advisors, etc, to perform a comprehensive consulting service in investment and business. Projects are tailored and specialists are assigned prudently to each specific case.


After years of accumulation and innovation, the Business Consulting Sector has successfully carried out several significant projects:

1.      West Australia Oder River 2nd Phase Project – the largest agriculture investment project from ShangHai ZhongFu Group Co.,Ltd. The project involves the construction of major cane farms, harbours, highways, sugar factories and associated facilities. It is one of the most preeminent foreign investment cases that was finalised by South Pacifique.


2.      Daydream Island Investment Project from China Capital Investment Group Co.,Ltd.  We have provided excellent services in the acquisition negotiation, financial report analysis, legal due diligence investigation and management consultation. It is an exemplar of investments in tourism and hospitality industry of Australia.


3.      Investment project from New Hope Group: large-scale acquisition of slaughterhouse in Queensland. It is one of the greatest investments from a Chinese agricultural giant. We have also facilitated the purchase of two Australian cattle and cropping land, etc by Hailiang Group from China.


 The Business Consulting Sector has a single principle- people our business, market our orientation, backed to Australia, facing Asia. With our joint effort, we have become the general agent for Victoria University (VU), in charge of deploying future market expansion strategy in China. In addition to that, we provide Australian and Chinese enterprises and governments sectors with business consulting services, including product promotion, investment management, human resource and various other consultations.


The Business Consulting Sector of South Pacique is the nexus between Australia and China, facilitating cultural and commercial exchange. We are willing to proffer professional consulting services to both Australian and Chinese entities on business management and project investments. South Pacique Pty Ltd will continue to take an active role to enhance the relationship between Australia and China.



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