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留学签证与移民服务部是南太平洋公司联系澳洲与亚太国家的重要桥梁,也是中澳两国文教科技交流及人员往来的重要组成部分。经过十几年的努力,南太平洋公司留学签证与移民服务部已与中澳两国的院校与教育机构建立了广泛的合作关系,其中包括中国留学服务中心云南分中心,华东师范大学/上海华申留学服务中心, 拉筹伯大学,迪肯大学,维多利亚大学,中央昆士兰大学,巴拉瑞特大学,斯道茨商学院,墨尔本语言中心,霍姆斯商学院,澳洲旅游饭店学院,圣迈克文学学校等建立了正式委托代理关系,另外,还与墨尔本大学,悉尼大学,莫那什大学,新南威尔士大学,墨尔本皇家理工大学,詹姆斯库科大学,威士利文法中学,堪伯威尔文法中学,艾文豪文法中学等建立了间接合作关系。
Immigration,Visa Services and Students Recruitment
South Pacifique Pty Ltd has been committed to the expansion of overseas market for Australian education industry, and the improvement of Australian education link with international market. South Pacifique P/L deems overseas student recruitment as the most direct and rather effective way to realize such commitment and has put it as its one top priority and core business. The last eighteen years has seen South Pacifique P/L experience a continuous and rapid growth in the business of overseas student recruitment, and become a first choice for both education providers and overseas students.
South Pacifique P/L has been providing professional consultancy services from overseas student recruitment cross to visa and immigration services. Its customers for student recruitment include University of Melbourne, Monash University, Victoria University, RMIT University, New South Wales University, Macquire University, Deakin University, Ballarat University, Central Queensland University, St. Michael Grammar School, Wesley College, Camberwell Grammar School, to name just a few. Its student customers come from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. The visa and immigration include business migrant, skilled migration, student visas and family visa services.
Through its vigorous efforts, South Pacifique P/L has established effective and powerful recruitment networks. To tap in to the abundant education resources in China, it has set up its regional headquarter in Beijing, and formed strategic alliance with local licensed recruitment agencies such as East China Normal University/Shanghai Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Yunnan Branch, etc. it also has representative offices and liaison offices in Shanghai, Nanjing, Dalian, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Kunming. The company also makes the most of its strength in student visa application consultancy, and makes itself stand out of other competitors.
The missions for South Pacifique P/L in terms of overseas student recruitment, visa and migration services are:
-          Offer value-added service tailored to each overseas student’s needs and wants;
-          Provide quality students to Australian education institutions;
-          Proactively contribute to the improvement of Australia education link with international markets;
-          Providing professional visa services for students, business and professional people.
South Pacifique P/L is willing and ready to join force with Australia education partners and students to achieve future success as well as assisting business and professional migrants to migration to Australia.

South Pacifique Pty Ltd

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